Formula Emergenti - Episodio 2

Published on: 16th November, 2022

Tiziano Bak Bacarani – Hola

EĐĐIE – The Pinnacle (feat. Lindsay Dunn)

Alta Falls – I’m at a loss

Daniel Benisty – She’s my Heroine

Antonio Ranieri – I sogni di Zoe

Luprano – Io egoista!

GT_Ofice x Kastra – Never Together (Kastra Remix)

Brooklyn Shaw – Blue Rock

SPALIFE – She Got Me Loco

Caracol – Infinity

Lerocque – When I Was a Kid

Nothing but a Nightmare – She Always Ruins a Good Time

ASHWYN x Vrchvic – Wide Awake

Man from Light – Simple box

Tommie Sox feat. Krystal – Do you miss me yet?

Tania Mila – Aurora

The Chevaliers – The Void

Mayhem Lettuce – Sin & Tonic

Civico97 – Club degli errori

Giovedì – Carnevale

Hedonia – Keeper

The Infinity Chamber – No honey (anymore)

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